Hello there!

I’m Ben, a video game marketing & producer with ten years of experience. 

Hello there!

I’m Ben, a video game and communication project manager with ten years of experience. 


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My area of expertise


I love to work in an interactive process and help people get the job done.  Teamwork makes the dreamwork and I focus on helping the team achieve it goals. I also started two companies, with everything to build, and I had to find solutions to facilitate the work of my coworkers. I’m enjoying to have an eye on all productions jobs, but also to speak with partners, outsourcers, publishers, …


I worked on the communication side for many indie games. It’s exciting to help developers reach their audience and grow a community on the project. My main focus is to find ways to talk to their target by working on social media, creating events,  doing press relations or content creators. 

Video games knowledge

I’ve been working in the video games industry for ten years at different jobs. I know the rules, the market, the trends… Every day I talk with developers, artists, game designers,… but also to consumers, content creator, streamers or esport players. I also know how to finance and create games and I have always a game mechanics idea in mind. 

My Story

I grew up in the south of France, surrounded by mountain, nature and sea. I was always outside, riding my bike, watching clouds and imagine stories in it. 

I studied communication and art meanwhile I worked as a writer for a website about MMORPGs. I started to work on the communication and marketing side on a lot of online games and then as a Project Manager or Producer

I created two companies: one indie scope video game editor named Sidekicks, bought since then by Plug In Digital to become Dear Villagers. After that I build an outsourcing and services company for video game called Homecoming Studio

Meanwhile, I was elected as president of the association of video game professional in the south of France: Push Start

Today, more than ten years after my first job, I’m living in Berlin, looking for new opportunities to create and work in the game industry.  🙂

My values

 I am a team player

My values

I encourage, facilitate and work to empowered people

My values

 I believe communication is the key

My values

I believe in cultural awareness and respect 

My values

 I always seek a diplomatic way to solve problems

My values

 I try to have a growing mindset

My values

 I stand for more diversity and equity

My values

 I care for my peers

Things I love


I love to discuss and share with people about the video game industry, that’s why I participated in multiple podcasts, start streaming on Twitch and worked as PUBG French Caster.

I also love to understand how things work together, I’m curious about every area of expertise to create a video game. So I read books about it, I watch NoClip video (and other content creators) or I’m attendings events (I’m just on your left, hello!). 

On my free time, while I’m not playing a good indie game or an online/couch games with friends, I’m probably watching a movie or a tv-shows, as long the story and the universe can be immersive.

I love art, and especially concept arts. While listening to music, I enjoy watching artistic things on Pinterest, Artstation or Instagram.

I’m also enjoying team sports, I played a lot of Basketball and Handball at a national level, and now I’m continuing to practice more casually with some friends.

I do love pets and my cat: Chili. Oh one more thing, I also enjoy cooking and of course eating (cheese is my main weakness)!


I’m always looking for new projects or new opportunities, feel free to reach me!

ben @ homecomingstudio dot com

Take care!